Bush now in danger in Plame investigation

Reading through the various liberal blogs can be a daunting process. Even though they are my friends politically, I always wonder whether opinions and/or rumours are firmly grounded in fact. Careful vetting of friendly sources is just as important as vetting those whom you are politically opposed to.

Nevertheless, a report from Josh Marshall's Talking Points Memo appears to be founded quite well in fact. All Marshall has done is examine a news report and write about the consequences - a simple procedure but one that does not auger well for George W. Bush.

Marshall speaks about Tom DeFrank's article from the New York Daily News (which despite being owned by Murdoch, is probably the most reputable newspaper in New York at the moment). In this article, DeFrank reveals that George Bush was not happy with Karl Rove when the whole Plame scandal began two years ago. Marshall's story, however, seems to indicate that Bush was angry that Rove had been caught, rather than him being angry that Plame's name was revealed.

The implication of this is that George W. Bush may have been aware of the decision to reveal Plame's identity. Now I don't know US law, but to me it appears as though Bush was complicit in both the committing of the felony, and complicit in covering it up.

Let's take this further - the Wikipedia article on the subject says the following about impeachment:

In the United States impeachment at the federal level can apply only to those accused of "treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors", according to Article II, Section IV of the US Constitution. The removal of such officers takes place automatically upon conviction.
The fact is that willingly revealing the name of a covert CIA agent is considered a felony under Federal law. If Rove or Libby or others are found to have done this, then chances are they will be indicted.

All this, however, depends upon whether DeFrank's article is true. Some in the liberal blogosphere have been theorizing that this "leak" came from one of Dick Cheney's aides, while many of the previous leaks appear to have come from Bush's side. This is based upon the belief that a civil war between Cheney and Bush has erupted in the White House over the Plame investigation, with both sides panicking in order to save themselves from the chop.

This is all heresay - but it may be true. Like all liberals, the prospect of George Bush being impeached gives me goosepimples. Nevertheless, as a human being who hates lawbreaking and wishes the best from our political leaders, I am hoping that this is not the case. Richard Nixon's resignation was one of America's more humiliating episodes. If Bush is impeached it may well eclipse that moment and bring great shame upon the entire American people - not to mention their system of government.

It seems as though someone else had the same thoughts as mine, and Josh Marshall has posted them.

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