Here are some blog postings that I have been noticing this past week...

Christian Blogs

Tim Challies writes his take on the Duggans, a Christian family in Arkansas with 16 children, thus prompting a discussion about whether Christians should use birth control.

Steve McCoy at Reformissionary has gone quiet.

Hugh Hewitt continues his battle against the godless hordes in the Republican party who won't endorse Harriet Miers.

Michael Spencer, the Internet Monk, is upgrading his blogging software and has lost his most recent posting aboat Calvinism in the SBC.

Paul Whiting at Shoot the Messenger does an in-depth analysis of Charles Finney and finds him wanting.

Pyromaniac Phil Johnson is still asleep, although he has been known to make comments at other people's websites - get back to sleep Phil!

British John H. at Confessing Evangelical bravely questions Gun ownership in America.

Founders ministry blog has changed its blog template, thus making it harder to read.

Fide-o has been making some good posts lately, the best being an article about the "Professional Weaker Brother".

James Spurgeon expresses his enthusiasm that the abuses of Longview Baptist Temple, his former church, may be exposed in court.

Scott at the Fat triplets discovers open source imaging software... and likes it!

Kristin, the 16 year-old Spunky Jr., reveals that she will be writing a "little something" in a Christian book that will be published next year (author Jane Bullivant). She's obviously excited - as anyone would be. Congratulations are naturally in order!

The Rebelution criticises Hollywood movies for promoting sin. Who would have thought??

Craig Schwartze, who bears a striking resemblance to John Cusack, lists his top ten heavy metal songs. Craig is also fearless in disagreeing with me and posting evidence to prove me wrong, which is actually quite useful.

Al Mohler, who has not studied English Literature at graduate level, disses Harold Pinter for his Nobel Prize in Literature.

Godless Liberal Blogs

Brad DeLong, apart from proving that left-wingers can know a LOT about economics, warns of the impending collapse of the US Dollar.

The Democratic Party Blog continues to post incredibly unreadable posts that have probably been written by a committee.

Josh Marshall at TalkingPointsMemo reveals the Whitehouse plan to market Harriet Miers.

Holden at First Draft points to the possibility of an exhaustive investigation against those involved in Prisoner abuse, notably Donald Rumsfeld.

The Democratic Veteran reveals the possibility that New York's recent terrorism alert was leaked to New York's elite days before the actual alert was announced.

Angry Bear is every left-winger's dream - a fiscally responsible and economically sound liberal. I cannot recommend his site highly enough.

The Sideshow wonders how long the New York Times can survive after the current Judith Miller Scandal.

Jim Kunstler (he of the unfortunate surname), reveals a little bit more information about the effects of Hurricane Katrina on the Gulf oil infrastructure.

One Exceptionally Annoyed Veteran reveals that US Air Force personnel may be called upon to do "grunt duty" on the streets of Baghdad.

Cab Drollery is a website I have only recently been visiting. If you enjoy my op-ed articles on current events you will enjoy her take on things too.

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John H said...

Thanks for the link. But the word isn't "bravely" questions gun ownership, it's "suicidally recklessly" questions gun ownership, given that most of my readership is from the US...

I've decided to put the "Hillary for President" post on hold for the moment. ;-)