Thank you Ray and Jenny!

Ray & Jenny, two friends from Sydney, came up to visit us today. Despite the fact that Anna and I have the 'flu, and our house is messy, they chose to politely avoid any mention of it for the sake of social cohesion. Either that or they honestly didn't care two hoots about such things.

Ray also mentioned that he reads my blog often - he's the first person I know who does so, which is why I'm posting this. Even my friends Dave/Greg/Tom/John don't read it as often. This must mean that Ray is better than them all.

So if you want someone to write software for you, especially if you run a marina, then contact the company Ray works for. He did the webpage by the way.

Perhaps the best quote of the day came from Ray: "I'm sorry if I talk too much. It's just when I see people that I'm excited to be around, I tend to talk a bit." That was a really nice thing to say.

So Ray and Jenny - lovely to see you. Anna, Aiden, Lillian and myself had a great time.

And you probably know that I made a faux pas regarding one or two of my blog entries that someone wasn't aware of. Well - we've sorted all that out, so don't worry. I will be speaking in a higher pitch voice for a while though!

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Anonymous said...

Fine, you can like Ray better than the rest of us. We might like Ray better than you. I hope you feel great shame. Just for that I am not posting this comment on your website, or clicking any of the ads. So there!