Note to Matthew Hayden: Be Quiet

There's another minor kerfuffle in the cricket world. Apparently Duncan Fletcher has written some rude comments about Ricky Ponting in an upcoming book. It's all about Ponting's explosion at Fletcher after he got run out in one of the Tests.

Anyway, Matthew Hayden has decided to get into the act. Sounding like a big tough dinosaur, Hayden essentially calls Fletcher a coward since he decided to wait until Ponting was on the other side of the world to make his announcement.

So poor scared and hypocritical Fletcher has incurred the wrath of the Big Queenslander for not settling the argument the traditional way and meet Ponting behind the change sheds. Well, Mr Hayden, all I can say is this:

They won.

So just forget all your hurt feelings and aggressiveness. Forget the war of words. The simple fact is that England engaged Australia in a 5 test match series and won. They deserved the victory - they were the better side.

It does not help anyone for someone from the losing side to get all huffy. Just be quiet, eat humble pie, and plan to get the Ashes back in 2005/2006.

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Paul W said...


Isn't Matthew Hayden a Christian?

One Salient Oversight said...

I heard he was a devout Catholic. I don't know if that affects the way he approaches the game.

As you know it is quite easy for someone to announce their religious devotion and then act in a way that doesn't match that devotion - we do it often don't we?!!

If I was in Matthew Hayden's shoes I would be a bit more circumspect in my comments.