OSO the Prophet is vindicated yet again

One hour after Harriet Miers was nominated by George Bush to the Supreme Court, I posted what I thought would happen in the weeks ahead. So far, everything that I had predicted has come true:

  • Doubt expressed over whether this is another political appointee.
  • Doubt expressed over whether Miers is qualified.
  • An outpouring of support by Evangelicals, including Al Mohler.
  • Doubts expressed by Moderate Republicans.
  • Dick Cheney says he likes Miers.
  • An even greater dip in the polls for George Bush.
And today, The New York Times has published an article discussing the problems with Bush's inner advisors, with the focus on Andrew Card. This is yet another "prophecy" of mine that has come true from that previous article.

What have I got wrong?

Well, so far nothing. What I didn't expect was the majority of Republicans - moderates as well as mainstream - being exceptionally unhappy with the nomination.

All that's left in my prophecy is Bush retracting the nomination and failing to apologise for it.

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