Site stats - can someone help?

Because I have ads with Google adsense, I am privvy to all the page impressions that my site has every day. I have these stats ever since my blog began.

In the last two months - pretty much since Hurricane Katrina - my site stats have increased significantly.

What I'd like to do is to input all these daily page impression stats into a spreadsheet to work out the 30-day moving average for every day since the 31st day of my blog. Moreover I'd like to then turn this into a graph that I could then post here.

Does anyone know how to do this? I'm not congnizant with doing spreadsheets yet, so if anyone can give me all the equations, or even send me a spreadsheet file with this done to one_salient_oversight@yahoo.com that would be much appreciated. I "use" OpenOffice Calc, but MS Excel and Lotus 123 files can be read by it.

And any way to turn this into a graph? That would be really useful.

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