Advice for Tom DeLay

"Tom Needs" - courtesy of Google:

- Tom needs cure for homophobia
- Tom needs a hat
- Tom needs to find a good, reputable boxer breeder
- Let's see how many lines Tom needs
- It's obvious that Tom needs to be back in a school setting - amongst his peers.
- Tom needs to make the most of these cycles, and establish goals with corresponding deadlines.
- Tom needs a shrink Men's Sleeveless Tee
- Tom needs help!
- Tom needs to get Roger to do most of the talking.
- Emotionally, Tom needs to make an assessment that is just as important as the fact- gathering phase of the negotiation process.

"Tom deserves"

- Tom deserves his supper.
- Tom deserves all the best coz he is the best.
- Tom deserves all the credit for that.
- I do not doubt that Tom deserves a Ph.D
- Tom deserves a whipping.
- I think Tom deserves it. Tom is the real jerk here.
- Oh my gosh, Tom deserves to be “Hottie of the Year”!
- I think Tom deserves a chance to make his case.
- Tom deserves a chance with today's horror audience.
- Tom deserves his break

"Tom requires"

- Tom requires Series 60 2.0 and the Sendo X uses Series 60 1.2
- Tom requires school board approval of tax increment financing plans
- Tom requires a deposit of 50% to begin the painting.
- Tom requires hunters to bring forth their best hunting abilities.
- Tom requires relevant, timely and accurate information to make sound decisions.
- Tom requires helmet
- Tom requires a lot of attention and affection and so do I.
- Tom requires the type of coordination that is impaired in schizophrenia.
- Tom requires that a method in a subtype that specializes a method in a supertype explicitly declare the method it is specializing.
- Tom requires the Shockwave Plugin.

"Tom Bribed"

- Tom bribed the limo driver into letting him drive us to his home, stating that the place was far and often difficult to find.
- Tom bribed her to get up by offering to buy Boru some ice cream.
- Tom bribed an official with a bottle of brandy.
- Tom bribed Kevin C to catch me.
- Tom bribed me with a packet of crisps.
- Tom bribed Henry it would seem?
- Tom bribed with cases of his toothpaste?
- Tom bribed Luke to change his that gives Teeno that point back.

From the Department of Attempted Humour

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redhead83402 said...

hehehehe ~ I did that needs thingy too, was really funny ~ you can check out my results on my blog ~ don't ever put in "redhead needs" that gets yah snasty results.lol.