Ebay heart attack

$150.00 for 5 lots of 256mb memory! What was I going to do?

The realisation that I'd probably made a mistake in the bidding process had me exceptionally concerned tonight.

I've just put a new motherboard and cpu in my PC. By "new" I actually mean second-hand but still superior to what I had in there before. I had a P3-450 overclocked to run at 504mhz, but with the "less obsolete" motherboard, I was able to successfully install a P3-600E Coppermine CPU.

The motherboard can handle 3 lots of memory. I have 3x 128mb RAM, which is 384Mb in total. But it can also have 3x 256mb RAM.

So I went to ebay to check out the price for 2nd hand 256mb RAM. The price seemed to level out between $40-$50 each. Some guy in Raymond Terrace was auctioning off 5 lots of 256mb RAM and the price, when I bidded, was around $8.

So I decided to do a tactic I have done before - rather than bid every few hours or so, I put in my maximum bid and sat back to see what happened. I put a $30 bid on each of the 5 lots of memory.

That was two days ago. At around 6.30 tonight I suddenly remembered that I had placed a bid on these things, but hadn't had an email to say that I was outbid. I logged in to ebay, hoping that there was still quite a bit of time left.

Less than 4 hours to go, and I was winning each of the 5 lots of memory. The price had climbed to $28.55.

Oh dear.

I made a mental calculation - $150 for 5 sticks of memory. I'm not even sure I need even one - I was just making a low bid on the off chance that I would get a bargain. Now my strategy was backfiring.

Every 10 minutes I would come back to the computer to see if there were any emails notifying me that I had been outbid. Nada. Nothing.

I then began to make plans. What if I purchased three of them and then paid the guy $20 for the trouble I put him through for not paying for the other two? Ebay relies upon people making competent bids, so this would certainly affect my reputation as a buyer.

But then - at 7.15 tonight - I received one email. I had been outbid on one of them - $30.05. Whew! At least my mistake would cost $30 less. 5 minutes later, another three emails came informing me of $30.05 bids on three others. As I was investigating these, the final email came. I had been outbid by a whole series of $30.05 bids.

I'm sort of wondering whether the same person made bids on each, hoping that I would bid more in return. Fat chance pal.

I'll keep tabs on the rest of the bidding tonight to see how they go.

Four of the bids were won by kasan693, for $30.05, $30.05, $30.05 and $32.05. The other was won by hug161 for $31.05. It was too close for comfort for me. I'll have to do more research next time. Given that kasan693 bid up to $32.05 on the 4th item, it probably means he was after more than one. Nevertheless, I am wondering if there is some guy sitting there at the moment cursing his bad luck.

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