Slightly ridiculous reporting

As much as I dislike the GOP and will cheer at any electoral downfall they experience over the next few years, this piece by America's ABC news is anything but informative.

So. GOP activists were partying with Lobbyists with the tab paid by big corporations. And this while Hurricane Gustav was heading towards Louisiana.

Well, unless you want to declare every single bar and nightclub in America banned during a hurricane, what's the problem with going out on the town when something goes wrong? Bush didn't close down bars and nightclubs after 9/11 and people still went there, muted as their enjoyment would have been. If GOP activists and operatives were schmoozing with lobbyists paid for by big corporations, what's the issue? I'm sure the Democrats did it in Denver and if a hurricane was hitting Louisiana during that convention I wouldn't have had any problem either.

The only reason for this report was to depict Republicans as being partying elitists who don't care about ordinary people. Of course, the fact that Republicans ARE elitist and DON'T care about ordinary people is quite provable... but partying during a convention while a Hurricane blows and linking that to elitist, uncaring GOPers is ridiculous.

At the risk of going Godwin, the fact that Hitler was a non-smoker doesn't mean his non-smoking proves he was a tyrant. The same is true for the GOP (although, since Nazi analogies are fraught with danger, I need to point out that Hitler and the GOP are not analogous. Any evil the GOP has done is magnitudes smaller than the evils of Hitler. I just couldn't think of a better analogy.)

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