Predictions from December 2007

I forgot to post this. This was a series of predictions I made in December 2007 at another blogsite:

1. John Edwards will be the Democratic nomination after Democrats tire of Hillary and Obama. He will go on to win the election and be the next president. Hillary or Obama will be VP.

2. Huckabee and Romney will not win nomination. The Ron Paul phenomenon will go nowhere.

3. A recession will hit American and the US unemployment rate will rise above 7%. Dow Jones will go nowhere (neither up nor down)

4. Price of oil will get over $120 per barrel (US Dollars, West Texas Intermediate)

5. Nothing much of significance will occur in Iraq - US Soldiers will still get killed, terrorist bombings will continue, the Iraqi government will continue to fail, same old same old.

#1 you can forget about.
#2 was correct.
#3 is two-thirds right.
#4 Got proved correct very early on.
#5 is spot on.

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BLBeamer said...

Looks like #3 is 2/3 wrong (but you've still got 4 months to go). Did you mistype?