Warm enough for me

The weather here in Eastern Australia has been quite pleasant.

After a sunless and wet summer we have finally moved into Autumn. March is the wettest month of the year here in Newcastle, but there hasn't been many storms or weather systems doing anything major in the last two weeks.

The days have been getting up into the late 20s - perhaps even 30°C (86° F) out at Metford where I have been working lately. But with the sun setting earlier our nights have been dropping to around 14°C (57° F), which means that our sleep is pleasant and the stored heat in our houses cools faster. In short, while the middle of the day can be quite warm, the rest of the day is very pleasant.

So for my Northern Hemisphere readers, you might be rather jealous at this point, having to endure your horribly cold winters... but remember Spring has sprung and it will get warmer. Winters here in Oz get nowhere near as cold (Newcastle is 6.4 - 17.0°C in July, which is 43.5 - 62.6°F).

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Ron said...

We had Sun-Tues in the Hunter Valley and Tuesday walked around the HV Gardens - PHEW it was hot - they serve fantastic Iced Coffee's.

Stopped off in Metford Rd Tenambit as we had been offered a dog. With Amy we are now a two dog house again. As we were passing schools I was thinking "is Neil in one of those " and looks like you were