Sam Bottoms - "Lance" from Apocalypse Now - has died

In case you can't remember who he is:

Willard: "Lance on the forward 50's was a famous surfer from the beaches south of LA. You look at him and you wouldn't believe he ever fired a weapon in his whole life."

Lance: "I think we have to wait until the tide comes up!"

(radio) "...I can't get no... satisfaction..."

Lance: "Give me that dog!"

Lance: "Hey, you know that last tab of acid I was saving? I dropped it."

Lance: "Purple haze!"

Willard: "Chief, tell them to hold fire. It's just little sticks. They're just trying to scare us."

Chief: "A Spear?"

Willard: "Part of me was afraid of what I would find and what I would do when I got there. I knew the risks, or imagined I knew. But the thing I felt the most, much stronger than fear, was the desire to confront him."

Chef: "Ain't coming in there. Them bastards attcked us."

Willard: "Everybody wanted me to do it, him most of all. I felt like he was up there, waiting for me to take the pain away. He just wanted to go out like a soldier, standing up, not like some poor, wasted, rag-assed renegade. Even the jungle wanted him dead, and that's who he really took his orders from anyway."

Kurtz: "The horror. The horror..."

LA Times Obit.

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