Some simple facts about the Utøya shooting

The perpetrator:
  • Opposed Muslim immigration.
  • Was once a member of a dominant conservative political party.
  • Espoused anti-government sentiments.
  • Hated Marxism.
  • Detonated a bomb near the office of the Prime minister, who belongs to a left-wing political party.
  • Shot and killed at least 86 young people who were members of the left-wing political party.

In short, he is a classic right-wing extremist in the same mould as Timothy McVeigh.

While I don't deny that left wing extremists exist and have also perpetrated violence upon people, I would just like to point out the simple fact that, at least in the West, violence caused by left-wing extremists has been dwarfed by the violence of right-wing extremists. And when you consider the fact that it is the right-wing who are espousing all sorts of radical views using violent rhetoric, you can understand why.

Note: The words "Marxist Hunter" appear on the patch on his left arm in the picture above.

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Ron said...

It would appear Norway Gun Laws are as out of control as USA. From where did he get a weapon like that in the photo. And he just went around shooting them - a machine gun one of survivors said. Ghastly......