Another "Family Values" hypocrite

US Senator David Vitter has disclosed that he has visited a number of prostitutes over the years.

Look, sin is sin... I know that. The problem is that Vitter was publicly promoting the whole "family values" thing that many American conservatives get into. Vitter is a Republican, of course.

The Republican Party in America has been saying to the American people for years that they are the party of responsible government, anti-corruption, fiscal responsibility and family values. Yet revelations like this, along with countless others, indicate that the GOP's claims are merely spin.

If I lived in the US I would probably vote for the Democrats but I wouldn't join their party. I'm a left-minded independent voter. The Democrats have had countless scandals in the past so I'm not apologising for their stupidity.

The problem is hypocrisy. Why is it that so many "family values" politicians and spokespeople from the GOP have been exposed over the years as being unfaithful philanderers? Why is it that so many Republican presidential candidates have had failed marriages compared to the current crop of Democrat candidates? Why do conservatives love someone like Rudi Guiliani who appears to have a more voracious appetite than Bill Clinton when it comes to women and who has many liberal political beliefs?

And, of course, there are the Evangelical Christians who vote for and have infiltrated the Republican Party for at least 20 years. Can't evangelicals see that the party they love so dear is actually a morass of sin and unbelief? Probably not. Evangelicals have been trained these days to discount any news story they don't like as being "left wing propaganda from the mainstream media", as though deliberate ignorance is a virtue. The "MSM" reported 9/11... does that make it fake?

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