Garrett's Greenness

The Greens are annoyed at Peter Garrett:

Greens Leader Bob Brown says yesterday's Tasmanian forestry announcement by the ALP shows Peter Garrett, the party's environment spokesman, has sold out.

"I can't comprehend how Peter Garrett can have gone through the pantomime of coming down here the day before, flying home again saying Kevin Rudd was going to make an announcement, knowing that announced the death knell for some of the most magnificent forest in Australia," Senator Brown said today.

"He should have stood up to it, but he has sold out on the forests," he told Southern Cross Broadcasting.

"I warned Peter that when he went into the ALP they would eat him up and spit him out and that's just what's happening."

I sort of agree with Brown on this - Garrett was far more suited to be a Greens politican than an ALP one. Garrett has obviously had to "tone down" his opinions for the good of the party but that is hardly the best sort of thing to do for a person who is known for speaking his mind on issues.

I don't want Garrett to be silent. I want him to speak up and disagree with the ALP leadership if he chooses to. Politics seems to muffle and silence too many people, which is really against the whole idea of democracy. If Garrett speaks his mind and is then kicked out of the ALP then at least he has a clear conscience (he could always join the Greens).

But if Garrett continues to be silent then it does him no good at all. It will show how completely he has been corrupted by the political process and the ALP. Who will trust him then?

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