O'Reilly declares war on Dailykos

Bill O'Reilly - the Fox News person, not the Australian cricketer - has all but declared war on the lefty blog Dailykos.

Unfortunately, O'Reilly seems to have forgotten the power of the internet, which allows previous court documents to be dug up easily. Let's just say that O'Reilly's private life is quite sordid, and has resulted in him being called "loofah" and "felafel" by his critics.

O'Reilly is, of course, as guilty as anyone in depicting people he disagrees with as Nazis. This is going to be an interesting time - lefty blogs like Dailykos and Americablog are getting their readers to write letters to advertisers to try to get O'Reilly off the air while O'Reilly continues to depict these lefty blogs as terrorist-supporting Nazis.

This is, essentially, a battle between the "Old Media" (Fox network) and the "New Media" (blogs). It'll be interesting to see how this turns out. Murdoch (the owner of Fox) can never justify a business that does not make a profit, so aiming at advertisers is a good idea since it would eventually force Fox to shut O'Reilly down if the protests succeed in reducing revenue to the show.

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