Christians are stupid

Especially when they're criticising Harry Potter.

Even in relatively secular England a Pentecostal Christian was up in arms about Harry Potter. Teaching assistant Sariya Allan is a “committed Pentecostal Christian” who told a seven-year-old girl she would be “cursed” for reading the Harry Potter books. The school found that action unacceptable and told Allan who then resigned her position and tried suing for £50,000 ($100,000) in compensation saying that she is being discriminated against for her religious beliefs. She says: “It’s a book of witchcraft, and witchcraft is an abomination to God.”
Baptist youth ministries leader Jennifer Zebel said in Baptist Press, “I cannot believe that any secular book, character or movie advocating witchcraft of any kind could be this wildly successful without Satan having an agenda for it. The bottom line is that we know the right choice is to steer clear of these books and movies, but we don’t want to make the sacrifice. Satan is a wonderful writer and movie producer.” To be clear, Baptist Press is an arm of the largest fundamentalist sect in the United States-- the Southern Baptist Convention.

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Jen said...

In case anyone cares at this point, the radical evangelical conservatism that brainwashed me and taught me to believe everything I wrote in the above article has been revealed to me as the poison that it is. Unless you are raised in it, you can't understand. I've since left the church and couldn't be a bigger Harry Potter fan. I wrote an apology to JK Rowling, and a retraction to the Baptist Press, but of course they didn't publish it. My mistakes in life are generally of a colossal nature. C'est la vie, eh?
--Jennifer Zebel