Why is this news?

From the SMH:
Prime Minister John Howard has taken a stumble and fallen onto his hands and knees on the way to a Perth radio interview this morning.

Mr Howard was walking towards the entrance to radio station 6PR when he tripped on uneven ground and fell on his hands.

His minders quickly rushed to help him up.

The Prime Minister is in Western Australia - where he has strong support due in part to the state's resources boom - on a pre-election tour.

The fall comes only two weeks after another embarrassing gaffe, when he forgot the name of a Federal Liberal candidate in Tasmania.

Speaking on Tasmanian radio, Mr Howard could not recall Vanessa Goodwin's name.
My feelings towards Howard and the Coalition are well expressed on this website. However I do not think that this news item - nor the one where he forgot that person's name - is newsworthy in any way.

I fall over sometimes and often forget people's names.

What next? "Howard forced to use 2ply toilet paper in his loo"?


David Castor said...

Yeah, I tend to agree. I'm actually wondering what role the media is playing in Howard's demise. Did the media (even Murdoch(!)) latch onto public sentiment and only then publish negative press about Howard, or did they start giving Howard negative press, which led to the changing tide of public opinion?

Ali said...

I agree. Let the guy lose the election on his political demerits, not his humanity.

The Yahoo!7 News website ends a short article with: "Mr Howard turns 68 on Thursday."

Mmmm, it would seem this tumble is undeniable proof that he is too old for the job. After all, only old people fall like that.

Anonymous said...

In Australia, this is not news.

In America, this stuff is news. We need to know exactly how well or unwell, co-ordinated or unco-ordinated, stable or unstable, clear or "vague" and unclear the President with the RED BUTTON is.

The fact that JFK had Addisons and was possibly on mind-altering drugs for the pain DURING THE CUBAN THING!!! is unbelievable, and that Reagan was left in charge... and even won an election!... when he had Alzheimer's developing is just frightening and irresponsible.

So even if Johny was developing Parkinson's and Alzheimer's together, who really cares? He might have red-button envy, but he does not have a red-button.

Ron said...

On SKY News their political reporter seemed to find glee in Howard's trip. Actually for 68 he was pretty spry - he was up almost immediately and quite ok at 69 I do not like tripping.

Although I did like the same reporter remarks on forgetting the Tassie candiates name "you go to Tassie - only 5 candidates and you don't learn their names". But he was talking about Rudd who had the same problem what 10 days after Howard. Really - surely was he just helping John - hardly.

Still in spite of the polls etc we will see come 10 November