Ravi Zacharias

No longer has my respect:
But as you look back at the book of Kings and Chronicles you see one difference between every king: either they followed the Lord with their whole heart and blessing came; or they turned their backs upon God and then the entailments were there. And that’s what will happen to this country.
Nice to see this bit of exegetical hoop-jumping afflicting even the more popular Evangelicals.

For the record, Israel and the US are not synonymous, which means that the OT examples of godly and ungodly leaders in Judah/Israel, and the subsequent blessing/cursing of God upon these two nations as a result, does not mean that God will specially bless a country that has Christian leaders.

A misunderstanding of the difference between old and new covenant results in the sort of Jingoistic eisegesis that Zack is guilty of here.

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Justin said...

Totally agreed.

(Not about disrespecting Zack -- lots of people get lots of things wrong).

But Manifest Destiny etc. Hooley Dooley.