Keystone Cops

From the ABC:

Queensland Premier Peter Beattie has accused the Federal Government of "incompetence" and of hiding behind a cloak of anti-terrorism secrecy in the case against accused terrorism supporter Mohamed Haneef.

Speaking on Southern Cross Radio, Mr Beattie said leaks and inconsistencies in the case against Haneef were undermining public confidence in Australia's anti-terrorism laws.

"I've got to tell you I've never seen such an incompetent explanation of what's going on from the Federal Government, they should wake up to themselves," he said.

"I don't enjoy being in this position, they should just wake up to themselves and tell the Australian people the truth."


Yesterday Mr Beattie said the AFP's handling of the case had been reminiscent of the "Keystone Cops".

His comments today came as The Australian newspaper reported that AFP officers wrote the names of terrorism suspects in Haneef's personal diary after he was taken in for questioning in Brisbane.

The paper said police then asked Haneef if he had written the names, before admitting their mistake

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