Haneef countinued

Now it seems as though the offending SIM card wasn't even used in the failed attack, but was in the possession of someone who was not even directly involved.

But if his name is Haneef, he must be a terrorist!

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James Garth said...

I've been following this case in The Australian recently, and what concerns me most about it is the fact that the minister intervened to detain Haneef by employing a rarely used loophole in our immigration laws - an application for which these laws were not originally intended.

I'm concerned that this muddies the waters considerably, and this detention will unduly hamper his right to prepare a fair defence with his legal team.

Now with the new revelations regarding the SIM card, this has degenerated into an outright farce. It's time for this mess to be unraveled, and the only way to do so is to let natural justice take its course in a completely open court.