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I often go to Sydneyanglicans.net where I occasionally read articles and get frustrated by having the "Southern Cross" link image change everyday (an obvious ploy to get regulars to click on the link and read articles they may have ignroed the day before).

Today's article is concerning however - What Would Sydney Anglicans Wear?

Sydneyanglicans.net believes there is room for one more t-shirt in your life - and has launched a cutting edge Christian talent quest to find it.

“Sure Sydney Anglicans are conservative theologically – but does that mean they have to be saddled with the c-word when it comes to fashion?” asks Sydneyanglicans.net editor Mark Hadley.

“Our God’s creative, and we think his people are too.”

So what's wrong with a T-Shirt you may ask... nothing, except that it represents a shift from substance to image, from meaningfulness to meaninglessness. Mark Hadley appears almost embarrassed by "the C-word" (although I have to admit that I did a double take and thought "does he mean the four letter word??")

Next thing you know the Sydney Anglicans will start up their own chain of Christian hairdressers.

Mind you, this post was written by someone who ordered three Rugby tops from Canterbury NZ with "Martin Luther 95" (all red), "Calvinist 5" (striped red & black, wearing as I type) and Presbuteros (black). But that's my own dorkiness, not a corporate/denominational one - which is totally acceptable thank you very much so don't bother even commenting about it and no one will get hurt.

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