Rick Warren - Avoid him

Many Christian Bloggers over the past 12-18 months have been wearing their keyboards thin in warning people about the dangers of the teachings of Rick Warren and his Purpose Driven Life.

I commend this article by Gary Tilley, an American pastor, for his fine critique of Warren's teachings.

I won't spend a great deal of time examining and critiquing Warren's work - others have done so already. What is concerning to me as a former Sydney Anglican is that a number of Sydney Anglican churches are using The 40 days of Purpose program in their churches.

So far, not one of the Jensens, nor The Briefing, have made any critique of Warren's work and his influence. This is certainly one area of theology that our American friends can teach us.

Gordon Cheng from Matthias Media has informed me that an upcoming Briefing will deal with the "40 days of Porpoise" (sic).

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