The advertising on this site

I have chosen to use Google Adsense so that this blog can possibly generate money for myself. Chances are it won't but I need to tell you the following:

1) Each time you click on one of those ads, I get paid a few cents. So click on those ads - you won't go to heaven unless you do.
2) I am not responsible for the content of the links advertised. I have clicked a few of them myself and have found sites that I would not recommend. Nevertheless I do not discourage anyone from examining another point of view.
3) The ads are generated by key words that exist in my articles. For example, I might want to speak about Atheism or Humanism or Secularism or Evolution or the ACLU. Now as a result of these key words, I'm going to guess that some ads will pop up on the right that deal with these subjects - and may actually promote an agenda that I do not agree with. Caveat clicktor.

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