Contemporaneous notes

At 4.40pm on Tuesday, 6th November, 2001, I was on the balcony of our house with my 11 month old son when I saw a bus pull up outside our house. The door opened, and I heard the bus driver, BH, arguing with a bus passenger. He was ordering the man to get off the bus, and it appeared that the man had been using abusive language.

I put my son inside the house and went to the bus, where I found the man arguing with the Bus driver and making threatening gestures to him. I asked him to get off the bus and was able to convince him to do so.

The man turned to me and made a number of threatening gestures to me, and said “you’re pretty fat, mate!”. Not wishing to make the situation worse, I agreed with him and tried to calm him down. He was furious with the bus driver, but I attempted to prevent him from re-entering the bus.

The man pushed past me back into the bus and struck the bus driver in the face at least once. The bus driver managed to get him into a headlock, and I was trying to help the driver when he broke free and left the scene. He began walking up _____ street, past the roundabout on ____ Street, and disappeared from view.

The man was approximately 172cm tall and was wearing a black T-shirt with the words “Tae Kwon Do” in gold lettering on the rear. During the incident, the T-shirt was removed and I noticed he had a number of tattoos visible. He was heavily muscled, and had a number of teeth missing. He was heavily tanned, and he appeared to have some islander appearance. His breath also indicated that he had been drinking alcohol recently. His hair was black and short, and he had a short pony tail.

The Bus Driver related to me that he had used a pension card when he boarded the bus.

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