Brett Lee Returns to Form

It's always good to see players returning to form. (Sarcasm Warning)


From the This Salient Sporting Life Department


Anonymous said...

And in the second innings?

One Salient Oversight said...

Which leaves Lee with match figures of 35-2-193-5.

Strike Rate: 42 (pretty good)
Economy: 5.5 runs/over (very bad)
Average: 38.6 (poor)

Statistics often do not lie!

Anonymous said...

I sincerely hope he learns from that match. He knows how he bowled in the first innings and how he bowled in the second. So hopefully he knows how to bowl from now on.

But you are a very hard task master. Give the man a break. He had a poor first innings with the ball, a good second innings with the ball and top scored for Australia in the second innings to almost win an unwinnable match.

What would you be saying if Australia had won that match on the back of Lee's batting?

Of course you could always ask lots of "what ifs". "What if" Lee had bowled better in the first innings and restricted England to a lead of leed than 99?

But what if the whole Australian team had bowled and fielded better in the first innings? What if Glenn McGrath was playing? What if Ponting after winning the toss had elected to bat instead of sending England in on a docile pitch? What if the batsmen actually did their job and stopped leaving it to the tail enders to score the runs?

When you OSO take 4 wickets in an innings against England and bat so courageously to take Australia to the brink of victory from an almost certain defeat then I might taking your comments about Brett Lee seriously.