God has brought us to this nation

God has brought us to this nation
brought us to a land that's free
(but) when we look upon its people
sin and death are what we see.
No one seeks God, no one hears him
everyone has turned away,
slaves to sin, trapped in rebellion
save this land O God we pray

God has brought us to this nation
brought us to a land of wealth
(where) we enjoy all forms of goodness:
peace and order; joy and health.
(But) Satan's lies they can deceive us
to believe we earned it all
God has blessed us in our nation
but we need to heed his call.

God has brought us to this nation
where we have so much to gain -
fortunes, friends and education
many dreams we can obtain.
(But) nothing can replace our saviour
who laid down his life for us
Jesus Christ is Lord forever
in him do we place our trust.

God has brought us to this nation,
(where) we can freely worship him
with no threats or swords to harm us
faith to grow and souls to win.
But the Gospel is distorted
Satan sends his wolves to roam
Save us Lord and give us wisdom,
strength and faith to bring us home.

God has brought us to this nation
so we can obey His Word,
hear His Gospel in our churches,
(His) Spirit in our hearts has stirred.
(Yet) we have bought a lie of Satan
(we) listen to man's thoughts instead
So the Cross is gone from preaching
and God's word remains unread.

God will one day judge this nation
when Christ Jesus comes again.
When the skies will open for him
watch the Son of Man descend!
And the church of true believers
from all peoples shall ascend.
Resurrection! Life eternal!
Give God glory without end!

(Can be sung to Beethoven's Ode to Joy or any other song with an metre)

From the Sinking the Heart of Lead Department

© 2006 Neil McKenzie Cameron, http://one-salient-oversight.blogspot.com/

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