What is a blog?

This website and my articles that appear on it are called a "Blog". If you wish to have an extensive descripton of what it is, then please visit the Wikipedia article on the subject by clicking here.

Essentially a blog (short for Web Log), is part diary, part op-ed piece. It allows the individual author to share their feelings with the world, including their opinions and reactions to certain events.

Blogs have been around now for about 3-4 years. If you click on "Wil Wheaton" and/or "Riverbend" on the links to the right you will see the blogs of these two people. Wil Wheaton is a former child actor who talks about U.S. politics and the difficulty he faces trying to work as an actor in Hollywood. Riverbend is an Iraqi woman living in Baghdad who talks about the current state of Iraq and the problems they face. So my website here is nothing unusual - but part of a wider body of internet literature that has been forming over the years.

Blogs are also becoming important in influencing the mainstream media. Dan Rather, the well-respected US news presenter, was forced to resign when an important investigation into George Bush was shown to be spurious. This was the result of the investigations done by a number of bloggers. From that point on, Bloggers were taken seriously by the mainstream media.

One more thing - you may notice that some of the words in my posts are coloured red or blue. If you hover your mouse arrow over one of them you will discover that it is an external link to another website. If you click on "op-ed" above, your web browser will then access the Wikipedia article about op-ed pieces.

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