Department Descriptions

Pretty much anything to do with my general life, including "miscellaneous".

Anything to do with God, Christianity, the Bible, the church, theology, etc.

One Salient Overlord

Political discussions, including diatribes about politicians, parties and systems of government.

The Osostrian School
Economic Discussions, including my own strange ideas.

This Salient Sporting Life
Sport - Too much is not nearly quite enough, except for baseball.

Linux and IT discussions. Anyone in the know will groan at my attempt at geek humour.

The Eye of argONE
Creative Writing, including poetry and prose.

Plan 9 from OSO Space
Anything to do with movies or television.

Pedernales River Haggis

"Wha' Happnin?"
Discussion of current world events.

Sinking the Heart of Lead

Attempted Humour
Those close to me know what I am talking about.

From the Blogososphere Department.

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