Let the UN take over in Iraq

More people have died.

This is getting ridiculous. There is no rule of law in Iraq to speak of. The American troops trying to keep the peace are outnumbered, unmotivated and totally unsuited to the job they have been asked to do. The Americans should leave Iraq and return home to their loved ones.

In their place, UN troops should come in - at least 3-4 times the amount of troops that the Americans currently have (around 500,000 instead of the 140,000 US troops). These troops should come from China, India, France, Germany and other nations that did not support the war in the first place. British and Australian troops should leave as well.

The Lancet estimates that over 100,000 Iraqis perished between the initial invasion and October 2004. You can download the report as a .pdf file here. The rest of the population are suffering from poverty, malnutrition, PTSD, and the severe downgrading of basic utilities such as water, sewerage, electricity, gas, petrol, roads and public transport. Their lives now are much worse off than under Saddam's brutal rule.

There is no way that Saddam nor his cronies should be allowed back into power, but there is no way that Iraq will stabilise or progress with American troops there either. Send in the UN, and send an invoice for costs to the White House.

From the Department of "Wha Happnin?"

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