Billy Graham "will repent on death bed"

Billy Graham, perhaps the most successful English-speaking evangelist of the 20th century, has stated that he will not accept Jesus as his Lord and saviour until he is lying on his death bed. "There is still so much in life I want to enjoy" the 86 year-old evangelist said "Being a Christian means I won't be able to have much fun or freedom, and I think I want that first before I accept Jesus into my heart."

Graham, whose ministry has blessed millions and who has had private audiences with Presidents and Prime Ministers the world over, admits that he believes that the Bible is right. "Yes I'm a sinner" he said "And I do need my sins forgiven. I believe all that. It's just that I want to wait until a more appropriate time. I have my retirement to plan, my grandkids to raise... God just isn't on my priority list"

The son of a dairy farmer and the grandson of a Confederate soldier, Billy Graham came into international prominence during the early 1950s. His Bible-thumping gospel preaching was an instant hit and he drew massive crowds to evangelistic events. Despite being ridiculed by the mainstream church, Graham preached a simple and straightforward message that led to many coming to Christ and becoming part of the church.

"My life has been quite successful, I'll give you that" Graham stated "But I still have many more years I want to enjoy. When God finally decides that my number's up, I'll make a prayer of commitment then. It's the only option I have available."

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