"Revenge of the Sith" now being shown in 4-D

George Lucas, director and creator of the "Star Wars" series of films, has always been one to dabble with new technology. Not content to allow the new Star Wars film to be shown in 3-D, but now in 4-D.

"4-D films have never hit mainstream cinemas yet" stated Lucas, "but I am hopeful that this will start a popular new trend".

4-D films are substantially different to 3-D films in that the viewers actually reverse time while watching. So although the experience is similar, the final outcome is actually reversed.

At an experimental cinema in Hollywood, a number of volunteers were subjected to the 4-D version of Revenge of the Sith. These volunteers had all seen the previous 5 Star Wars films but had yet to see the new film.

Mark Snow, of Orange County, was dismissive of the film before he went into the cinema. "It's crap" he stated firmly, "The storyline is crap, the acting is crap. Not even the special effects could save it."

But when Snow had viewed the film in 4-D, his attitude changed dramatically. "I wasn't especially pleased with episodes 1 & 2", he said, shrugging, "But I had been reading all these reviews about how dark the film is going to be. I'm hoping that the final product is half-decent."

A similar reaction could be found from Sarah Queralt from San Diego. Before she walked into the cinema to see the film for the first time, she categorically panned the film. "It's disgraceful", she said, eating popcorn as she stood in line to go in. "There is no way in the world that I would consider seeing it twice. George Lucas has turned this fantasy world of his into a second rate Disney production."

But as she walked out, Queralt appeared quite enthusiastic. "I sort of liked Episode 1, and Episode 2 was okay." She said "But the many reviews I have read seem quite positive about Episode 3. I can only hope that it lives up to the expectations of hard-core fans".

Lucas himself was quite interested in how 4-D films could change the face of cinema. Sitting in the specially constructed Hollywood cinema able to show 4-D films, Lucas stated "A day will come when people will be able to come to a cinema like this and watch a 4-D film. But until the technology is available, we can only dream."

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