How to search for things on my blogsite

Just a quick explanation for anyone who is looking to find certain things on my blog.

In the upper left hand corner of your screen you should find a button marked "search blog". Next to that, to its left, is a space for you to type in a keyword.

For example, if you want to find any article pertaining to my wife, just type "wife" and then click the button "search blog". All articles with the word "wife" will appear - some of which will be articles about my own wife, others will be articles where the word appears but has nothing to do with my own wife.

Another way to search for articles here is to use Google Advanced Search. A simple way to do it would be to go to Google and type the following:

wife site:http://one-salient-oversight.blogspot.com/

And then press "search".

This will give you a list of links from my own website where I use the word "wife".

If you want to search for something else, replace "wife" with the word you are looking for when you are typing into google. For example, if you want to search for "cat", type the following:

cat site:http://one-salient-oversight.blogspot.com/

But the great thing about using Google is that Google has what is called Google Cache. If you are searching for something that I have decided to remove from my blog for whatever reason, it is still present in the Google Cache. If I have recently deleted an article, you can still find it by clicking the link marked "cached" on the results when you do the Google search I have outlined above.

There are some really nasty people out there who write horrible things on their blogs and, when they are found out, remove the offending page. You can catch these horrible people out by using the Google Cache. They may have removed content from their blog or website, but the Google Cache can always be used to catch them out.

So, if you're looking for something that I may have deleted, it will still turn up on Google Search, thus proving my dastardly deed of covering up something. But you have to be quick, however, because I think the Google Cache eventually updates itself and removes the "dead" page after about a week.

But, then again, I haven't deleted any articles for ages. The last time I deleted an article was a month or two ago when I accidentally posted something twice. This means, of course, that if you use Google to search my blog, everything you see in your google search will be there.

Besides, I don't write dastardly things. Feel free to read through my website to see for yourself and remember that any absence of evidence pretty much means evidence of absence.

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Anonymous said...

You DO write dastardly things... terrible things... like how the US economy is going to tank! Many American's don't like the idea that oil will peak, the dollar will collapse, the Iraq war cost too much and lowering taxes on the rich was a bad idea while spending more money than ever before in history. They don't want to know that US debt is 5 times higher than GDP. These things are the skeletons in the closet, and bringing them out is just dastardly! (I just had to use the word).