World Stock Markets

Where would you invest your money? Here are some comparative figures (from the Economist again):

(Investment increase since Dec 29th 2006 in US Dollars)

Australia (All Ords): +23.3%
Euro Area (Euro 100): +14.3%
Britain (FTSE): +10.5%
China (SSEA): +48.7%
Canada (TSX): +20.8%
Russia (RTS): +3.8%
Hong Kong (Hang Seng): +12.7%
Brazil (BVSP): +42.8%
US (Dow Jones): +8.9%
US (S&P 500): +7.1%
US (Nasdaq): +9.8%

The low figures for the US are due to the drop in the value of the US Dollar. The world is beginning to invest elsewhere.

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