At some point in the future I am going to do a podcast. Rather than do an in depth exploration of personal feelings and/or theology I plan to do some sort of "radio show" in which I play some of my favourite songs, interspersed with some of my pontifications and other things.

This is not an experiment in being deliberately funny, although I will have some quirkiness attached to it.

I listened to my first podcast the other day - Wil Wheaton's "Radio Free Burrito" episode nine, where he plays a whole bunch of lounge songs. I actually found it good to listen to while I was surfing the net and have been inspired to do the same. Being an actor, Wesley Wil has a better "radio" voice but I'm reasonably certain that my voice is not that bad.

Things I have done so far in preparation:
  • Selected the songs.
  • Worked out how to use a sound editor program (like Kwave)
  • Able to rip music files as mp3.
Things I need to work out (any help?):
  • What is best to use, a microphone or the tinny one in my mp3 player?
  • Where do I host the podcast?
  • How do I host the podcast?
  • Work out a script.
  • Work out length (30 minutes? 60 minutes?)

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