JK Rowling ends Harry Potter series to focus on Boys

It's absolutely true:

"When I look back at these books, I am, like, humiliated that anyone read them," Rowling said in a June 12 article in the London Times. "I wish they would all just go away. Whenever I meet a boy that I like, someone always shows him my books and makes a big deal about how they're the best-selling books in the world. It's so embarrassing."

Knowles (Rowling's publicist) reassured fans that Rowling is "probably just going through a phase."

"Ms. Rowling loves writing, but she's just a little boy crazy," Knowles said. "Like any 39-year-old woman, her hormones are raging. Right now, all she wants to do is go to parties and daydream about her wedding, but that won't last more than a few years. Watch what happens after her first big breakup."

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