I met Peter Blackburn the other day

Peter Blackburn is one of those unsung warriors in today's Uniting Church. Ever since the controversial "resolution 84" was passed some years ago by the Uniting Church (which essentially allowed practicing homosexuals to be ordained as Christian ministers), people like Peter Blackburn have been working effectively to strengthen the disparate evangelical remnants within the UCA.

Last Friday night our family had dinner with another church family. The wife's parents were there and I got talking to her dad, who eventually told me that he was an ordained Uniting Church minister. When I asked him his name I was sort of gobsmacked that it was Peter Blackburn, visiting his kids and grandkids in Newcastle (the church family we were visiting).

I found Peter an engaging person. The fact that God continues to work through His Spirit and His Word within the hostile Uniting Church environment today is because of courageous and biblical preachers and leaders like Peter Blackburn.

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