Does Scribefire Suck?

Scribefire has been what I have been using to post blogs.

So there I am, going into the "history" bar of scribefire. I'm annoyed that every time I log on to scribefire, that massive review I made of Joint Security Area would appear in the text window. I was getting sick of it being there. I kept "clearing content" and then when I would start it up again, the same darn text would be there.

So I went into history and deleted it. Then I began to delete others.

Then I went to this blog site and discovered that scribefire had deleted all those postings from my blog - including the 4000 word Joint Security Area film review that I had spent nearly two days writing.

It's not even in the drafts folder at blogspot.

I am in shock. It's like writing an essay for university and then having it get erased suddenly.


Vicki said...

Wow, that absolutely sucks. Tonight I used ScribeFire to upload a statement. I hope it hasn't disappeared as has yours. I guess it goes to show, even if you think it's draft, to copy and paste 2 days worth of work into notepad and save it, just in case....

webslave said...

I'm trying to reply to the main post so forgive me if I'm replying to a comment here.

I think you need to realize what ScribeFire is before you accuse it of sucking. Everything you got is a result of everything you did. It would be like blaming a fire for burning you when you knowingly put your hand in it. Delete Post means DELETE POST. Get it now? Just because you didn't understand it doesn't mean it didn't work as prescribed. Maybe you should blame it on your blog because it was following orders just like Firescribe was.


eric.armstrong said...

In response to webslave:

No, the result was not a result of the action. The action was to remove an entry from the local history. To have that turn into a delete from the blog host would be unexpected behavior, in my book.

If there was any confusion at all as the result of that action, the fault is in the interface, not in the user. "Delete from history" is not the same as "delete the post and every copy of it that exists anywhere."

Any system that loses that work costs me the most valuable thing in my possession--my time. It is the one unforgivable sin for any piece of software. There should always be an undo.