Woolmer Murdered?

The time is 7.33am Monday 19th March 2007. I think Bob Woolmer was murdered by someone in the illegal betting community, who lost out big when Pakistan lost.

Not unlike that Soccer player being gunned down so many years ago when he scored an own goal at the Football World Cup.

I don't think it was suicide either.

8.08am After thinking further I think it was probably a very rich mafia-type person who bet against Ireland winning - you know, one of these 30-1 on offers, a safe bet in other words. He/They probably thought they could get an easy few hundred thousand by making a large bet on a sure result. Who were they? Probably an organised crime group in Jamaica.

The idea is that his food, brought up by room service, was poisoned. Woolmer was found unconcious and there was evidence of vomiting. He could have overdosed on something I suppose but if so it was accidental - to commit suicide in such a yucky fashion is hard for suicidal people to do, especially on their first attempt. If it was suicide he would probably have also waited a longer time.

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Unknown said...

Very interesting theory. Pakistan's Geo TV is also broadcasting news that he was possibly murdered. http://www.geo.tv/geonews/details.asp?id=3668