American soldier shot by sniper in Iraq

Update: 20 September 2008. Welcome Ogrish Visitors! I have put the photos here for you to enjoy rather than having to click on them!

Update 2: The Marine who was shot was Lance CPL Juan Valdez-Castillo and he survived. There are more pictures of the same incident here. You may also want to click here, here and here.

I saw these images a few weeks ago - they were taken by Joao Silva in October 2006 while on patrol with a US unit in Iraq. He managed to photograph a series showing a soldier being shot by a sniper and then recovered by other members of his unit. The series of shots won an honourable mention in the World Press Photo awards. See them in order:

1. Bang. The soldier is down, and his colleague looks over at him.

2. As the wounded soldier cries in pain, his colleague looks around for the threat.

3. With his weapon in one hand and ready, he lifts the wounded soldier up by the shirt.

4. The wounded soldier is dragged through a ditch filled with water.

5. Still in pain, the wounded soldier is dragged through mud.

6. Now bleeding profusely, the wounded soldier is laid down in the mud while other soldiers come to his aid.

7. The wounded soldier is now being stripped of his equipment and helped by a medic.

8. The wounded soldier is placed in a recovery position on his front - he has been shot in the back.

9. Another soldier keeps pressure on his wound to prevent too much bleeding.

10. The wounded soldier groans in pain while being assured that help is coming.

11. The wounded soldier is lifted up onto his feet to get him to safety.

12. He is finally placed into a nearby Humvee.

I have no idea if the soldier survived or not - but the photos do capture an intense moment in time.

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