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To start off with, the world of the godless liberal blogs that I read:

* One of the liberal blogs I have linked to for some time is called "Talking Points Memo". If you look to the left of the screen you'll see the name "Joshua Micah Marshall". Marshall and his Cohorts were instrumental in bringing the Gonzales/US Attorney scandal to the fore. Here's a great article on them in the LA Times.
* John McCain was my choice of Republican presidential candidate back in 2000. Now he's become quite pathetic. He's just been stumped by a question about whether condoms help stop the prevention of H.I.V..
* Plame was covert. The exposure of her status must therefore be a crime.
* The leak of Plame's status was never investigated by the White House, even when it was obvious that the source of the leak was there.
* Juan Cole, Middle East expert, argues that the Plame affair gave aid and comfort to the enemy, and those responsible (Rove/Cheney/Bush) should be impeached.
* The walking hairpiece thinks that "Bush is the worst president in the history of the United States". He's probably wondering why the American people don't just rise up and say "you're fired!"

And now, the world of Christian blogs:

* Paul Whiting's article on Philippians and 1 John Commentaries still manages to exist. I still haven't read it...
* Jason Robertson, a former Dispensationalist, has exposed some interesting problems with his fomer theology.
* TheTeak is having problems with doomsayers, specifically two sacred cows of mine, Peak Oil and Climate Change.
* Wade Burlson, a Baptist pastor in Oklahoma, is emerging as a powerful voice of reform in the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). He is the leader of a group of "Baptist Bloggers" who are trying to make the SBC more biblical. Visit his site here.

And now, newspapers:

* The New York Times reports that three police officers in New York who fired 50 bullets at an innocent 23-year old man (and killed him) have been charged with manslaughter.
* Colbert King, a commentator at The Washington Post, points to two recent incidents in public schools that he finds disgraceful. His concluding statement is wonderful: "Unruly parents + an unresponsive bureaucracy + fiscally irresponsible public officials = a troubled school system."

And other bits of the internet:

* Herscelle Gibbs hits six sixes in an over against The Netherlands in the World Cup.
* The S&P500 fell 0.38% yesterday.
* Massive cave entrances have been spotted on Mars. Some are warm enough to maintain life.
* Ancient Impact crater discovered near San Francisco.
* Happy birthday to serial killer John Wayne Gacy, Tony Award winning actor Kurt Russell, and smashed pumpkin Billy Corgan.
* Happy deathday to Ronnie Kray. Hot enough for ya?
* Burst of Joy was taken on this day in 1973.
* Hearthrob Richard Ramirez begins his night job on this day in 1985.
* The Rubber Band was first patented on this day in 1845.

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