Jodi and Me

Well apparently there's an election in NSW. For some reason all the politicians in Newcastle have left their advertising off until the last minute. I got Bryce Gaudrey's flyer yesterday, John Tate's on Monday, and a whole slew of Jodi McKay from the Labor Party today.

About 3 weeks ago I got a phone call from Jodi McKay. I don't know how she got my number but I think it was probably because my name is on the JP list. We talked about environmental issues mainly and I actually found her a good listener. She's pretty much a party woman because she didn't really say much more than ALP policy and then told me she'd send some info on it to me. I finally got a package today from her.

It's nice to experience the personal "touch" of a politician. Jodi's been advertising on the local TV and there's this gorgeously inept photocopy from Margaret McNaughton AM which looks like it was written by a 10 year old girl that also appeared in my mailbox today entitled "Give Jodi a Fair Go" which sort of makes poor Jodi out to be a victim (when it's perfectly obvious that Bryce Gaudrey was essentially forced out by the ALP and is now running as an independent).

Yet despite the personal experience of Newcastle's next member (she'll get in easy, but with a low primary vote) there's no way I can bring myself to vote for the party of Iemma, corruption and paedophile politicians. It's not Jodi I have problems with, it's the whole party system.

And it would be good if these candidates actually had web pages, including the independents which no one knows anything about.

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