Please read Crimson Dark

Crimson Dark is a webcomic I read on a regular basis. Inspired partly by Firefly and other science fiction shows, it follows the story of the crew of a privateer spaceship as they seek to survive and make a profit during a major war.

Lately, the writer/artist David Simon has been thinking of shutting down the project. Advertising revenue has been dropping off and his regular life has often suffered in his effort to get his "baby" off the ground. Fortunately he has decided to keep going.

Annoyingly, David can't devote any more time to Crimson Dark to create more than one page per week, yet the project needs multiple pages per week to gain popularity.

I can think of numerous ways Crimson Dark can make more money than it does, but for the moment I would like you to spend time reading the Crimson Dark series, beginning at chapter one here. The artwork isn't the best at the beginning but becomes markedly better as the series continues.


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Sam Charles Norton said...

I've been reading it regularly since you posted a link a few months back. Sorry to hear he's struggling.