What happens when people leave your church?

People leave churches all the time. Sometimes they leave them for good reasons, sometimes for bad reasons. Sometimes people leave after having a falling-out with other members.

I just discovered the website of Emmanuel Baptist Church in Enid, Oklahoma. One of the pages is entitled "Separation" and is as follows:

We realize that God will move people from Emmanuel in His providence. Some of our members will be moved to another city, others will move to sister churches in Enid, and others will be called home to be with the Lord.

In order for us to keep an accurate accounting of our membership, we ask you to do the following if you separate from the fellowship of Emmanuel for reasons other than death.

  1. Please contact one of the pastors regarding your decision to move.
  2. Unite with a sister church as quickly as possible.
  3. Request from us a letter of recommendation, which we will gladly give, unless there are unresolved church discipline issues.

We ask that you contact us, not because we seek to change your mind, but rather that our relationships with each other will continue and that we might learn how to more effectively minister to our people.

What matters is that you actively worship God and serve Him through the local church. Whether you worship at Emmanuel or another sister church is your decision, not ours. We desire to be in good relationship with all Christians regardless of where they worship.
What a wonderful example this is! This statement makes it clear that they accept the ministry of other churches and that God also works through them.

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