To all my readers, and to the visitors

It appears that I am beginning to be noticed in the world of blogging. Since I started this blog I have had three people link my site to their blog or website.

The first that I knew of is Paul Whiting, a.k.a. Shoot the Messenger. He is a 28 year-old masters graduate in sociology from Christchurch, New Zealand who is presently seeking full-time work. I find his posts interesting, although I wish he'd blog more often!

The second link was from a great source - John Hendrix from Monergism.com. His website is not a blog - it is a resource for Reformed theology where people can find links to great articles on certain subjects. We have occasionally emailed one another about things, and a recent email exchange had him state that he found my Led Zeppelin article ("Led Zeppelin Bass player Changes view on end times") to be interesting. It was with great surprise that I discovered only this morning that he has included a link to this attempted piece of humour from his eschatology page. That he has chosen to place a link to my article - a piece of satirical humour - alongside links to more serious and weighty articles is quite surprising. If John keeps the link there (please please please!!!) then many web surfers may end up visiting my site.

The third link hasn't even contacted me about it. Phil Johnson, a.k.a. Pyromaniac, is an elder at Grace Community Church and works with John Macarthur - America's answer to Philip Jensen. I emailed Pyromaniac Phil saying "hello, please read my blog". No answer from him, but only 15 minutes ago I discover that he has placed my website as part of his "Interesting" blogroll. All I need now is to be placed on his "List of blogs I read"

I have decided that links from my own blog are quite precious. Unlike some people, I'm not going to fill my sidebar with links to blogs that I never visit, or websites that I never go to. To me, a link is precious. The links I have given so far from this page are to places that I would really like people to visit. If I turn out to be a regular reader and commentator at other people's blogs (which is the standard way a person gets noticed in the blog world), I will make sure that I link them here.

And now the time has come for you, dear reader, to make yourself known. I go to my Google adsense page and it tells me that I'm averaging 91 "hits" per day. Since I visit my own blog often, many of these hits would come from me.

So please say hello. Hit the comment button below this post and say g'day. Even if you never do that sort of thing, just do it once.

You see, I have to admit getting "Bloglonely". I sit here typing away and wonder if anyone actually reads my stuff.

...sniff, please talk to me!


Anonymous said...

I just want to put a plug in for John Hendrix' site, www.monergism.com

It is, second only to this site, of course, the coolest web site out there.

You have to let us know what Hendrix says in response to your mail.

Andrew said...

Awwww, don't be lonely. You have more readers than you think.

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