Avoiding Online Unpleasantness

About six months ago I lurked at number of Christian blog sites, including BHT among others. I had a number of unpleasant experiences in some comments threads and decided to "give up" lurking there. I removed two or three blogs from my bookmarks with the intention of never returning.

But return I have - mainly because I have begun this blog and it pays to get to know other bloggers out there, if only to catch the Zeitgeist. Sadly I have noticed one thing and I urge all Christian bloggers to read the following:

Flaming is a sin.
Disagree all you want - but be nice.
Attack the argument - not the person.
Written responses can sometimes be misinterpreted.

I'm not going to name names, but I will say that sometimes we all need to apologise for being rude or flippant, and sometimes we need to be patient and forgiving.

Just do it people.

From the Department of Wha's Happnin?

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Paul W said...

I remember you used to be a regular commentor at Internet Monk, and from what I tell, you've started to come out of hybernation as far as commenting there goes again.

I ntice in your profile Sydney Anglicanism features strongly in your spiritual formation. I generally like their approach to the Reformed faith: it is straight down the line but hardly ever nasty in the ways some more sectarian Reformed people can be. I guess that's because many Sydney Anglicans are at heart still Anglicans!

I actually went to an Anglican church along the lines of a Sydney Anglican church here in Christchurch, NZ. But like you, I'm not part of Anglicanism any longer.