Pray for Bob and Sally in White Oak

My brother Bob married Sally from Texas last year sometime. Eventually Bob got himself a Green Card and they both moved to her home town in White Oak. That's in East Texas near the Lousiana border.

According to the latest reports, Rita is heading in their general direction. Hopefully by the time it reaches them it would have decreased to a tropical depression, but conditions will still be pretty windy.

They live on a hill - so there's no chance of flooding for them (125 metres / 410 ft above sea level). But they do live in a mobile home - so there's a chance that they may suffer major wind damage. They're not evacuating because all the filling stations have run out of petrol/gasoline and they have pets.

Bob & Sally aren't Christians BTW.

Rather than asking you to pray and for you to not do it (which is what I'm guilty of when I read bloggers asking for prayer), how about you just pray the following silently:

Dear Heavenly Father,

We pray for Bob and Sally as this Hurricane bears down on them. We ask that you protect their lives and protect their home from being too badly damaged. Help them in this time to pray and to place their trust in you. We ask that if their home is damaged, that you will provide them with the means of repairing it soon. We ask also that they will open their home and the hearts to anyone they can help in this crisis. Please protect their lives, and give them the means to endure. Amen.

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Theteak said...

I've prayed for Bob and Sally. I trust they will be ok, even in the worst of circumstances - 'cause nothing will over come being in Christ. On another note, I'm Australian and I found your blog through Phil Johnson's blog. I go to St Andrews in the centre of Sydney, previously I did MTS and Moore College and then worked in America for a year. While I was over there I got the opportunity to go to the Shepherd's Conference and it was great. Apparently, I was the only Aussie there.