What about the Ozone Layer?

One of the complaints that Global Warming deniers point to is the ozone layer. They will say "Back in the 1980s everyone was worried about the ozone layer. There were dire predictions of global problems as a result of the growing hole in the ozone layer! Now what is happening? The ozone layer is growing back! If they were wrong in the 1980s about the ozone layer, they are likely to be wrong now when it comes to global warming!".

Today I read this:
The protective ozone layer in the earth's upper atmosphere has stopped thinning and should largely be restored by mid century thanks to a ban on harmful chemicals, UN scientists said on Thursday.

The "Scientific Assessment of Ozone Depletion 2010" report said a 1987 international treaty that phased out chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) -- substances used in refrigerators, aerosol sprays and some packing foams --- had been successful.

Ozone provides a natural protective filter against harmful ultra-violet rays from the sun, which can cause sunburn, cataracts and skin cancer as well as damage vegetation.

First observations of a seasonal ozone hole appearing over the Antarctic occurred in the 1970s and the alarm was raised in the 1980s after it was found to be worsening under the onslaught of CFCs, prompting 196 countries to join the Montreal Protocol.

"The Montreal Protocol signed in 1987 to control ozone depleting substances is working, it has protected us from further ozone deplation over the past decades," said World Meteorological Organisation head of research Len Barrie.
So the answer is simple: there was a serious problem with the ozone layer in the 1980s and the scientific community did warn everyone that problems would result. But a 1987 agreement resulted in a serious reduction in the amount of CFCs entering the atmosphere. As a result of this action, the world was saved.

Now scientists are saying that carbon dioxide emissions by humanity is causing global warming. Perhaps we need to listen to them, and act accordingly.

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