Too Hot

It's nearly mid-day here in Newcastle, and the temperature is 36.6° Celsius.

That's 97.88° Fahrenheit.

No wonder it is difficult to blog.

Anyone in the Northern Hemisphere want to swap places? I could do with freezing at the moment...

Friday update: It eventually reached 42° (107.6°F) on that day. Fortunately a cool change came through and dumped a bit of rain on us. Friday was much cooler.


CanadaHolly said...

Let's install a wormhole. Here in the Great White North, we had our coldest Jan 14 in 40-odd years. Down at the temperature where Celsius meets Fahrenheit and they sit by Cratchett's hearth with its one lump of coal, and shiver. Exposed skin, they say on the radio, will begin to freeze in 10 minutes.

Thank God for the brilliant sunshine, or we'd be cold AND depressed.

The streets were done last week, so driving is easy despite the large snowfalls we've had this year. But despite being plugged in, my little car has her doubts about starting every morning.

Tomorrow afternoon, they tell us the temperatures will begin to rise, reaching a balmy -5 Celsius on Sunday. Calloo, callay! I shall get out my swimsuit, and finally take out the recycling which I have been putting off since before Christmas.

Pat a 'roo for me, wish I was there.


Magotty Man said...

I'm with Noni there. Two weeks ago, we had -54C windchill. We have seen temperatues above -10C only 2 times since Dec 12. Maybe again tomorrow.

A colleague of mine did an experiment the other day (when it was -40, real, not windchill): Take a pitcher of boiling water outside, and throw it up in the air. It freezes into an "ice mist" immedaitely, and disappears with the wind.

BTW Noni - I'm near Saskatoon - and you?

Chestertonian Rambler said...

I'm in the Northern Hemisphere. It hits about 85 degrees (farenheit) this time of year.

I'd love to swap, but only for a full year. Tired of those 115 degree summers.

CanadaHolly said...

Hi Scylding, Winnipegger here.