The Boxing Day Test in Melbourne

Here's some interesting history about the "Traditional Boxing Day Test":

  • The first time Australia played Test cricket on Boxing Day was at the SCG in 1924, against England. It is the only time in history that Sydney has hosted a Test that covered Boxing Day.
  • The first time the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) held a Test match played on Boxing day was in 1950, against England. The match started on the 22nd.
  • The first time the MCG held a Test match that started on Boxing Day was in 1968, against the West Indies.
  • The first time the MCG held successive Boxing day Tests was in 1975 against the West Indies ( it was against England in 1974)
  • The last time the MCG did not have a Test starting on Boxing Day was in 1994 against England, which started on the 24th.
  • The last time the MCG did not have any Test match covering Boxing Day was in 1989 when it was replaced by a One Day International against Sri Lanka. The Test match was held on January 12th 1990, against Pakistan.
  • The Adelaide Cricket Ground has seen three Tests on Boxing Day (1967, 1972 and 1976). The 1951 Adelaide Test would've been the first instance, but finished on Christmas Day after three days.
  • Australia have played five Tests overseas on Boxing Day (once in Madras, three times in Johannesburg and once in Durban)
  • The MCG has hosted 28 Tests (so far) that have started on December 26th
  • The MCG has hosted 32 Tests (so far) that started around or at the New Year.
  • Australia has played four Tests on Christmas Day. None of these were at the MCG (twice in Adelaide and twice overseas)

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Reuben Kincaid said...

The number of times in a day that Bill Lawry has waxed lyrical about the Boxing Day test and Melbourne - 594,345,667,334!!